The Power of An Open Question: The Buddha’s Path to Freedom

©2010 Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel. Published by Shambhala Publications.

Life is uncertain. We never know what happens next. And yet, despite uncertainty, we continue to search for a place to rest. Trying to find security in a fluid and changing world defines our struggle as human beings—our predicament.

In her book, The Power of an Open Question, author Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel takes this predicament by the horns and turns it into an inquiry…and she invites us to join her. Uncertainty, she suggests, can haunt us if we are looking for security. But Namgyel challenges us to see uncertainty in another way: “Wonder, amazement, creativity, our sense of adventure, we would have none of this if we had all the answers we’re looking for.” This spirit of wonderment is what she calls “open questioning”.

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel has written a bold, playful and invigorating book about the Buddha’s most important and subtle teachings—the teachings on emptiness. As we read, we walk with her through the world of experience, looking clearly without reaching conclusions. We understand emptiness as a continuous discovery; we see life full of possibility for liberation. The Power of an Open Question is an important contribution to Buddhist literature of our times.
— Ani Pema Chodron

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