EMN Program Checklist

Schedule the event (check dates with E)

Contact events person and Email packet, bio and photo. Get signed release back if we don’t already have and not an msb venue.

Post dates on google doc and drupal

Confirm lodging and rides

Be in touch with attendant/their checklist

Send food list and tell center a hard seat is best

Send E and attendant google doc itinerary (pasted into email) a week prior to trip

Confirm flights

A month prior, total trip expenses and bill venues

Get recorder to attendant

Get blurbs to centers

Arrange airport rides

Notify Tsokar house people when E is coming

A month prior ask centers to have/purchase her books

After program-

Empty recorder and get talks to Judy Montgomery

Thank you emails (sometimes)

Confirm payments received w/E and notify centers

Debrief with E and attendant if needed