Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel
When the spiritual path becomes an inquiry it finds protection from both belief and doubt.
This is when things really come alive!
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"The Buddhist tradition has the most humorous and radical methods for those longing to do whatever it takes to live a healthy and compassionate life. It offers a path to those no longer interested in self-deception or in hiding from their habitual tendencies. It invites each of us to experience the freedom of exposing our hidden confusion to the light of our intelligence.”


Meet Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Buddhist author, teacher, perpetual student and contemporary voice for the Buddha’s most subtle and difficult to comprehend wisdom.

Learn about her vision for how we rise to the challenge of being human and our potential for awakening.


The Logic Of Faith

As long as you are breathing and your heart is pumping in your chest, you will never escape the need ‘to faith,’ and why would you want to? The human predicament literally pushes at you day after day, calling to your courage and intelligence, imploring you to pay attention to life as it is, urging you to let go into humbleness. How long can you ignore it?
— Excerpt from The Logic of Faith
A bold, playful, and engaging book, full of insight and heart.
— PEMA CHODRON, author of When Things Fall Apart

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"When we question openly, our spiritual practice becomes a living experience, without dogma or fixed ideas."

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