Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel successfully combines the spirit and authenticity of the Buddha’s teachings with the language and mindset of the twenty-first century.
— Dzigar Kongtrul, author of It’s Up to You and The Intelligent Heart
There is joy in discovering the truth of the Buddhist teachings as a living experience. Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel takes us on a personal exploration of the Buddha’s most essential insight: pratityasamutpada—a.k.a. dependent arising. A bold, playful, and engaging book, full of insight and heart.
— Pema Chödrön, author of When Things Fall Apart
The beauty of this book lies in its remarkably creative presentation of this insight of dependent arising. The author brings this fundamental insight of the Buddha to life for the contemporary reader.
— Thupten Jinpa, principle translator for HH Dalai Lama, author of A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to Be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives
The Logic of Faith by Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel is a book that Americans who identify as spiritual-but-not religious and also those who are practicing people of faith will find helpful. Elizabeth explores not only faith but also grace, as a person who has relentlessly pursued truth and understanding throughout her entire adult life. As a contemporary American who has devoted herself to the most profound teaching and practices of Tibetan Buddhism, she is uniquely poised to translate esoteric and subtle insights into language that is accessible and inviting. Elizabeth’s language is direct and her style is friendly – as it is with the most helpful writers in the area of spirituality and religion, reading Elizabeth’s book is like sitting down for a conversation with a good friend.
— Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California
The Logic of Faith looks into how we tend to seek comfort in ideas, even though they can’t provide real comfort. Elizabeth beautifully illuminates the possibility of getting free from the prison of our ideas, by softening into uncertainty and developing real faith. A rich and helpful book.
— Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Love