Below are some guidelines to help you cook for Elizabeth:

Elizabeth likes to try to local cuisine wherever she goes.

She is mildly allergic to walnuts and pecans

She doesn’t eat a lot of bread or pasta…but she does like some here and there. She also doesn’t like things that have a lot of garlic or onion, although a little bit is fine. She will also eat just a little bit of dairy, but not too much. She is not very strict but tries to maintain her energy for teaching by eating well.

Other than that, she likes to have some fish, chicken and sometimes a bit of red meat. She loves vegetables in any form. 

Elizabeth brings her own green tea with her, but also likes other kinds of tea as well.

If Elizabeth is staying with you, it’s great to have some Protector cookies and tea she can use for her daily Protector offerings.

Thank you!