Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel is known for her willingness to question the spiritual path in order to reach a place of genuine practice and awakening. Using the Buddha's teachings on emptiness as lens, she asks us to take a fresh look at all the assumptions and beliefs we have about reality and liberation. Read More
  • “When we question openly, our spiritual practice becomes a living experience, without dogma or fixed ideas.”
  • Try With All Your Might

    When you give, it always feels like you are the one getting the offering, because you get to serve.


    “Naked” describes the experience we encounter when everything extraneous to the essential nature of being falls away: all the grasping and rejection, me and mine, wanting and not wanting, hopes, fears and struggles.

    Teacher & Student

    Remaining open to our teacher’s advice and feedback can be a very difficult practice but is the basis of true self reflection. When we look deeply into our hopes and fears in relation to our guru there is the potential to cultivate our innate intelligence.

    Ask a Question

    Questions and responses make dharma lively. Elizabeth will respond on her blog. ASK

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  • Vast View, Open Heart
    with Tsultrim Allione
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    June 18-20, 2015
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