Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel is known for her willingness to question the spiritual path in order to reach a place of genuine practice and awakening. Using the Buddha's teachings on emptiness as lens, she asks us to take a fresh look at all the assumptions and beliefs we have about reality and liberation. Read More
  • “When we question openly, our spiritual practice becomes a living experience, without dogma or fixed ideas.”
  • Faith & Doubt

    The path begins with an investigation of the unreliability of things. Sometimes when we contemplate impermanence and the unreliability of things we feel afraid or insecure.


    I notice when I fall in love – which happens all the time! – I feel appreciation for and openness toward that being. The feeling of being in love, to me, means that I haven’t decided who someone is or what I want them to be.

    Open Questioning

    My experience is that something really positive always emerges from the heart when it is broken. A tender heart has unlimited “give” while a brittle or contracted heart – a heart focused on me and mine – has no choice but to break.

    Ask a Question

    Questions and responses make dharma lively. Elizabeth will respond on her blog. ASK

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