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The Logic of Faith now available in stores and online!

The Logic of Faith

Excerpt: "I wrote this book as a tribute to the experience of grace, the source, from which all authentic faith traditions have emerged. But I also had something else in mind. I wanted to introduce the natural principle of Pratityasamutpada, 'dependent arising,' into a bigger conversation regarding faith. I wanted to present an investigation that would liberate 'faith' from the stagnant realm of individual and cultural beliefs and go beyond the vague assumptions that remain locked up in language." 


“I welcome The Logic of Faith with both excitement and relief. To generations of Western practitioners habituated to linear thinking, the Buddha’s central teaching of pratityasamutpada has remained a hidden jewel, taken as either too obvious to be interesting (as ‘everything has a cause’) or too arcane to be relevant to real life. Elizabeth Namgyel not only grasps, but conveys with fresh immediacy and delight the essence of this key to the dharma. She helps us to experience the reciprocity at the heart of the universe—and, in so doing, to rediscover our mutual belonging and the sheer grace of our existence.”

— Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life


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