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REALITY: A Free Online Summit on Buddhism, Meditation, and Insight


Elizabeth will be teaching on Day 4 (November 16).

Watch free from home as respected meditation teachers, psychologists and philosophers lead an exploration of meditation as a profound path of inquiry and insight

You’ll be guided in this practical inquiry by 15 trusted teachers including Sharon Salzberg, B. Alan Wallace, Susan Piver, Rick Hanson, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Robert Wright, Kelly McGonigal, David Nichtern, Jay Garfield, Holly Gayley, Fleet Maull, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Evan Thompson, and Anam Thubten.

In a time when confusion and divisiveness seem to be running our society, coming together to balance our minds and cultivate insight has never been so important. We’ll explore meditation as a path to clarity, acceptance and happiness, and cut through the misconceptions about our human nature that cause so much pain in the world.

This program is being offered free by Shambhala Mountain Center.  Register here.

Summit Schedule
Day One – Nov. 13: Balancing the Mind
Day Two – Nov. 14: Cutting through Confusion
Day Three – Nov. 15: Realizing the Nature of Self
Day Four – Nov. 16: Connecting to the Heart of Reality

For questions, please contact Shambhala