from certainty to uncertainty cover imageF. David Peat: From Certainty to Uncertainty. Here we find a theoretical physicist (and a student of David Bohm) who seems deeply enamored with the experience of awe. In his book, From Certainty to Uncertainty he describes how, at the turn of the twentieth century, experts in the realms of math, science, technology, linguistics and art began to question certainty. Peat writes: “It is widely held that certainty about the real world is a failed historical enterprise.” I often draw from Peat’s work because he has a fresh and informed perspective that are in accord with the teachings on emptiness.

mutual causality cover imageJoanna Macy: Mutual causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory. Ecologist and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy talks about the most essential aspect of the Buddha’s teachings: interdependence and its role both in spirituality and effective and compassionate social action. This book is a clear and concise exposition on the Buddha’s Middle Way teachings from a pre-Nagarjuna perspective.



apollo rocket blast offThe Overview Effect. Astronauts describe their experience of seeing the earth from space for the first time and how it changed the way they saw themselves. Watch Now.

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