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The Heart Sutra is the essence of the Buddha’s teachings on the nature of reality. It is the most revered and recited text on Mahayana Buddhism in the world. One could study it as the single source of learning and awakening for a lifetime. How do we begin to unpack, understand, and practice the teachings on emptiness and dependent origination which the Heart Sutra describes? This is the challenge and our job as students on the path to liberation. Elizabeth will guide us in opening the heart sutra by taking us through a process of investigative inquiry. Lively discussion is sure to ensue. 4 Talks. $15 per talk. Questions and Response period included. Live Stream the Program, September 5 & 6, 2015.



Enjoy this selection of published articles by Elizabeth. Click on the cover to read here or you have the option to download and read later.

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Audio Teachings

To the right is a selection of free audio files drawn from Elizabeth's teachings on Mangala Shri Bhuti’s LINK as well as her own archive. The talks are about 1 hour on average.

The Body and Practice


Living in the Center of the Human Predicament


The Perfect Teacher


Video Stream

Elizabeth's YouTube Channel hosts frequent short videos about topics that Elizabeth is exploring in her teachings. Watch here or follow Elizabeth on YouTube. btn-subscribe-youtube

Q&R Blog

On her Q&R blog Elizabeth writes about faith, doubt, the teacher-student relationship, and other "juicy" topics that come to light in the practice of "open questioning", which opens up the spiritual path to lively investigation.
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Why do Buddhists Pray?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know whom you’re praying to. The very act of asking for help allows the heart to open and invite the world in.

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