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the-power-of-an-open-question-coverThe Power of An Open Question: The Buddha’s Path to Freedom
©2010 Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel. Published by Shambhala Publications.

Life is uncertain. We never know what happens next. And yet, despite uncertainty, we continue to search for a place to rest. Trying to find security in a fluid and changing world defines our struggle as human beings – our predicament.

In her book, The Power of an Open Question, author Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel takes this predicament by the horns and turns it into an inquiry…and she invites us to join her. Uncertainty, she suggests, can haunt us if we are looking for security. But Namgyel challenges us to see uncertainty in another way: “Wonder, amazement, creativity, our sense of adventure, we would have none of this if we had all the answers we’re looking for.” This spirit of wonderment is what she calls “open questioning”.Read more.

cd cover the middle way experienceThe Middle Way Experience CD 

We often hear the term “Middle Way” in the context of the Buddha’s life, teachings and meditation practice. But what exactly is the Middle Way? Most essentially, it refers to a genuine insight that we experience when our mind finds its natural resting place through study and meditation. It also refers to the path that leads us to this natural resting place. Elizabeth clarifies and leads us through an exploration of this topic in a lively series of talks and discussions. Read More.

sacred world cd coverSacred World CD

Vajrayana Buddhism introduces us to a sacred world through the rich and magical imagery of deities and mandalas. But until we understand the wisdom behind this imagery it will have no personal meaning for us.

The Vajrayana challenges us to question: “How do we understand the deity beyond conceptual fabrication? What is the nature of the deity and how do we genuinely cultivate “pure appearance” when the world around us seems so imperfect?” Such questions take us deeper into the practice of sacred world. We learn to value and utilize all of our experience to free the mind, which brings us to a very different way of seeing things. Read more.

mind at ease cd coverMind At Ease CD

We often find ourselves struggling with our inner lives of thoughts and emotions as they relate to the pain and uncertainty of life around us. How does the mind rest at ease with its world? Meditation is a powerful means of working with challenges and helps us habituate our mind to a different way of understanding and relaxing with experience. Elizabeth examines this topic in a lively series of talks, discussions and meditation instruction. These teachings on shamatha or calm abiding, the basic meditation practice of Buddhist traditions were given at Dharmata center, the sangha of Anam Thubten Rinpoche, Rochester. Read more.

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